About Me

Hi there!

Iā€™m Chels ā€“ a 19 year old who likes art. Though not particularly good at it, I am all for being real, making honest mistakes and learning more.

I live in Malaysia with my family of 4, am doing my degree in Monash University here and am gladly serving in my local Church as a small group leader. I like spending my time doing artsy stuff (or rather, trying to, and then spending a whole lot more time trying to patch up stuff like that huge ink smear I always accidentally make). I’m also particularly fond of stalking artsy people doing artsy stuff (on instagram or youtube haha let’s be honest we spend wayy too much time doing this). Oh, I enjoy wasting my time scrolling though online shops as well! (yes, I know, very unproductive šŸ˜¦ one of my weaknesses).

Well, this blog is all about sharing my journey with you – things I like to do, things that matter to me, discovering new things and such! Hopefully I don’t bore you…and if I do…well, I wouldn’t know anyway!

I believe that this is a great platform for bloggers to learn from one another so I hope to be inspired by your work (yes, you) and also to inspire you through my sharing.

Thanks for popping by and I hope you stick around! šŸ™‚

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